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In July 2022, SportWest released the 2022 WA Sport Industry Remuneration and Benefits Report.

The report was last produced in 2014 and the latest edition provides some interesting insights into the changes that have occurred within the WA sport industry over the past eight years.

The results will assist West Australian sport organisations to benchmark their remuneration strategies to ensure marketplace competitiveness and alignment to industry standards.

The WA sport industry now employs more women (53.71 per cent) than men (46.21 per cent) and 49 per cent of State Sporting Association board positions are held by women. In comparison, in March 2021 the Australian Institute of Company Directors reported women held 30.8 per cent of ASX 300 board positions.

Across the WA sport industry, there is a 5.46 per cent pay gap between what men and women are paid and women in Senior Management positions are paid 11.7 per cent less than their male counterparts. Despite being ahead of comparable trends any pay gap should not be accepted by the industry.

The next step is how the industry responds to the Report and SportWest is committed to ensuring the WA sport industry positions itself as an industry of choice for employees so we can attract and retain quality people.

CEOs and equivalents from Member Organisations who would like a copy of the full report, including role benchmarking please contact SportWest via

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