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Every child has the right to feel and be safe including when they are participating in sport.

Over a number of years, SportWest has been involved in initiatives, such as Safe Clubs 4 Kids, to support member and affiliate organisations in collaboration with WA agencies.

Recently, SportWest held a Child Safeguarding in Sport Roundtable for Member and Affiliate organisations to hear how Members were creating and maintaining safe and fun environments for children. The discussions focused on what was working and what support and/or guidance they required to continue to create and maintain safe and fun environments.

SportWest then held a Child Safeguarding in Sport Roundtable with State Government and other organisations involved and/or responsible for child safeguarding to garner their views.   

As a result of both roundtable discussions, SportWest is in the process of establishing a Child Safeguarding in Sport Advisory Group and planning for a possible WA child safeguarding in sport initiative.

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