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True Sport in Western Australia

True Sport supports local sporting clubs and associations to promote the value of sport to our whole community by providing tools and resources that help clubs and associations embed eight values in their sport and to share the positive, good news stories that happen in sport every day.

Its goals are to:

  • Help clubs create safe, fair and fun environments;
  • Develop and nurture a shared language across all sports in Western Australia;
  • Support clubs to promote and explain the core values of sport;
  • Share good new stories in sport; and
  • Collaborate with the industry.

True Sport’s eight values can be included in codes of conduct, policies, newsletters, awards, signage and social media posts to remind people how their club or association wants people to behave on and off the field.

We know that West Australians believe that strong community values are an important part of having a positive sporting experience in our State, so by embedding some – or all – of the eight values of True Sport in your club or association, you will empower all members to stand up and do the right thing – and to let someone know when they aren’t doing the right thing. 

True Sport’s eight values should be part of everyday life, both on and off the field. By embracing these values, teams, clubs, participants and officials can work together to create fun, fair and safe environments for one and all to participate in sporting activities.

To find out more about True Sport and how your club or association can become involved you can also visit the True Sport website.

SportWest is currently allocating appropriate resources to True Sport.  In the meantime, enquiries can be directed to Member and Partnerships Manager Matt Bamford via email or 0419 287 024.

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