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The Healthway Healthy Club Award aligns to Healthway’s commitment to improving the health of all West Australians.

The Award recognises a sporting club who is leading the way in delivering initiatives to improve the health of its members and the broader community.

Criteria on which the award will be assessed includes how the club has implemented healthy initiatives to help improve the health of its members/participants and spectators. This may include:

  • Regular physical activity engagement programs including developing creative ways of engaging members and/or broader community in physical activity.
  • Connection and access for the broader community.
  • Training and education for club members and/or the broader community related to health and wellbeing.
  • The development and implementation of initiatives aimed at improving the mental health of club members and the club’s ability to deal with mental health critical incidents.
  • The implementation of healthy eating choices, particularly through junior programs such as offering healthy food options during and after play.
  • The club is free partnerships or sponsorships which promote alcohol, sugary drinks, quick service restaurant and gambling as per the Co-Sponsorship Policy.
  • Demonstration of an inclusive environment for club members.


Past Winners

2021 – Perth Broncos American Football Club

2020 – Harlies Hockey Club

2019 – York Pony Club

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