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The Service to Sport Award recognises the contribution made by an individual to sport or their sporting organisation through long and outstanding service.

The Community Sport Panel will give preference to those nominees who have contributed strongly across more than one field of endeavour as in the outstanding contribution of May Campbell to whom the award is dedicated. Criteria on which the award will be judged include:

  • A proven record of achievement and/or performance in any of the following: Competing, Officiating, Administration and Coaching.
  • A long-term involvement in and commitment to their sport at a variety of levels.
  • A demonstration of the legacy of the nominee’s contribution.


Past Winners

2021 Robert Schickert

2021 Alida Scott

2021 John Sewell

2020 Grant Edgar

2020 Vicki Chadwick

2020 Lorraine Page

2019 Robert Chalmers

2019 Christine Polglaze

2019 Kay Lane

2018 Lynne Schickert

2018 Elaine Forward

2018 Valrie Mayger

2017 Anne Stingemore

2017 John Davies

2017 Elsma Merillo

2016 Murray Hall

2016 Sue Neal

2016 Bruce Prance

2015 Judith Pilatti

2015 William Sinclair

2015 David Carr

2014 Kim Rodgers

2014 Peter Silinger

2014 Sue Taylor

2013 Judith Cousins

2012 David Cooper

2011 Betty Hislop

2010 Irwin Parker

2009 Raelene Lyon

2008 Henk Vogels

2007 Frank Ponta

2006 Robyn Arlow

2005 Don Rudderham

2004 Shirley Schneider

2003 Mavis Owens

2002 Carolyn Parker

2001 Fiona Clark

2000 May Durell

1999 Kim Seng

1998 Malcolm Stokes

1997 Shirley Davies

1996 Dr Ken Fitch

1995 Alan Hicks

1994 Greg Kaeding

1993 Cedric Baxter

1993 Les Tinson

1992 Trish Andrew

1992 Bruce Prance

1991 Andrew Fleming

1991 Trevor Williams

1990 Bud Byfield OAM

1990 Bernie Prindiville

1989 Bette Allison

1989 Laurie Sawle

1988 Harold Horner Dcf OAM

1988 Alan Marshall

1987 Yvette Auckett

1986 John O’Dea

1985 Don Stockins OAM

1984 Eileen Dawson MBE

1983 Gwen Chester

1982 Barry Sanders

1981 Shirley De La Hunty

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